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Using Ubuntu to Delete Windows 7 Trojans

December 26th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

My broadband service provider informed me that my network IP address was issuing massive amounts of spam email. To my horror I realised it was my own PC. I’d recently done a lot of work double checking my PC with both Sophus and AVG so I thought I was clean. The Service provider recommended that I use Avast and that I do a DOS Level Search from Boot. The advantage of doing this is that viruses and Trojans have a lot less chance of hiding themselves somewhere in Windows. Well Avast spotted quite a few problems including an iframe Trojan in a back-up of a website but nothing that solved my problem. Well I ran avast several times and then it asked to do another Boot search and then alerted me to a trojan in a driver file micbd.sys c:\windows\System32\drivers\micbd.sys unfortunately the Trojan would not let me delete it from DOS or from Windows whatever, so I used my old trick I booted from a Ubuntu CD this gave me access to the Windows File System and I deleted the offending micbd.sys driver. Now have fought off a couple of Trojans recently I can give you a clue in both cases the first thing I noticed was that the virus checker listed the eventual file as UNOPENABLE

So two tips you may find useful:-

  • Use a Ubuntu DVD to rescue, backup, or repair a damaged Windows System (do not install Ubuntu boot from the CD)
  • When looking for a Trojan or Virus on your Windows PC be very suspicious that your virus checker marks as inaccessible
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