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VIM 7.3 Released

August 22nd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Vim 7.3 is a stability release integrating hundreds of patches. It does contain however some new enhancements.

The most notable additions since 7.2:
– Persistent undo and undo for reload
– Blowfish encryption, encryption of the swap file
– Conceal text
– Lua interface
– Python 3 interface

Persistent undo is probably the feature which most interests me. This allows you to undo changes you made last time you edited a file; a feature which must be used with some care obviously!. It works by saving the changes in a temporary file. A file is created for each file you modify, to avoid cluttering up your directories you can configure vim to use a special directory.

Download the latest VIM here vim.org/download.php

Windows Users can go directly to this link ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/pc/gvim73.exe which is the simplest way to upgrade. By the way REMEMBER to backup your .vimrc file!!!

Recently I’ve been using the Cream version http://sourceforge.net/projects/cream/files/Vim which maintains an up-to-date single click install version of VIM with all patches it is already at version 7.3.3. And just to confirm this is the version without Cream.

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